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Vector Drain
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PVC Drain Pipe

Polymer Concrete Drain Top

Installation Saddle

Endcaps or Couplers

Perforated Couplers


ADA Compliant

VectorDrain has a polymer concrete top with a slot opening of 15/32″(12mm)making it one of the few ADA compliant slot drains on the market. Clean lines and unmatched finishing capabilities make VectorDrain a smart and cost effective solution for a wide variety of drainage problems.


Patios and Pools

VectorDrain, with its narrow profile is perfect for patio and pool areas that require additional drainage.  VectorDrain’s polymer concrete top will withstand the harsh enviroments that often destroy plastic systems.

Vector Drain Product Data

The VectorDrain system is an architecturally pleasing, low profile system that has superior flow compared to other competitors in its class.  The larger pipe volume under the slot drain keeps debris that passes through its opening moving to the outlet of the system.  The large pipe also ensures plenty of flow.  Typical applications are around running tracks, swimming pools, shower stalls, sidewalks, in pavilions and plazas, and anywhere else a nearly invisible drain is advantageous.   VectorDrain®

Easy Installation: Lightweight 1 meter lengths.

Safety: Minimizes exposed hard surfaces.

A.D.A Compliant: 12mm slot.

Longevity: Engineered for strength and durability.

Aesthetics: Clean lines and unmatched finished appearance.

Cost Effective: Fits well within even the tightest budget.


Product Description
4″ VectorDrain


4″ VectorDrain

1/4″ Slot Opening

VectorDrain Catch Basin