Paver Grate

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Paver Grate
Full Length Anchoring BibPolylock InsertsPolylock BoltsGrateNumeric LabelingDirectional ArrowInterlocking JointsPolymer ConcreteSloping Radius Bottom

Full Length Anchoring Bib

Polylock Inserts

Polylock Bolts


Numeric Labeling

Directional Arrow

Interlocking Joints

Polymer Concrete

Sloping Radius Bottom

PolyDrain PaverGrate

ADA & Heel Proof

PolyDrain PaverGrate is designed to provide a discreet look when used in conjunction with brick or stone pavers. With a 1/4″ opening, PaverGrate is both ADA and Heel Proof.

Important Issues

NFPA requires nonflammable trench drains

Selecting a fire resistant trench drain system should be common practice for any interior application.  Trench Drains are often the collection points for flammable fluids and heavier-than-air vapors.  As a result trenches even when empty can act as a pathway for flame spread.  For more info, see our Flame and Smoke page.