PolyDrain First Flush

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PolyDrain First Flush

First Flush® products are designed specifically for sites under 100 acres were specific pollutants – oils, greases, and other hydrocarbons – must be captured without impeding bypass flow particularly during the first fifteen minutes of a rainfall  or “first flush” effect

Space restricted sites: First Flush technology is perfect for sites that lack the necessary area for retention ponds and larger structures.

Stormwater Filtration

Filtration Media

FirstFlush® is the perfect solution when seeking a BMP that must handle sheet flow, control vectors, collect debris, treat bacteria, and capture hydrocarbons – all on the same site.  ABT First Flush systems utilize a variety of filtration media and fabrics.

  • Standard Filtration “Blankets”
  • Antimicrobial Filtration Media
  • Hydrocarbon Media
  • HMR – Heavy Metals Removal Media
  • Mixed Media

The 2600FF series of filtration catch basins feature a two or three-part, stackable structure that is made of polymer concrete and comes with a grated cover.  It can be used in conjunction with the PolyDrain Trench Drain or as a stand-alone unit.  The basket inserts that hold the replaceable filter have built-in overflow relief.  Units are easy to inspect and clean.  Basket and filter modules can be retrofitted to existing PolyDrain 600 Series catch basins.

First Flush





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