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Formerly known as HD200, HD300, and HD450
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Adjustable Clamp

Anchor Studs

EPS Former

Deforming "V"

Alignment Slot

Cross Ties

Structural Rail

Color Coded Labels

MHD 4 Point Non-Rigid Pin Lock Retention System

MHD Grate System

Post-Construction Inspectability

What HDPE and Fiberglass systems hide

Concrete consolidation under the rail is vital to the longevity of any system in service under heavy loading.  Fiberglass and HDPE linear systems can hide construction defects, which can cause costly downtime and ultimately complete system failure.

XHD – Extreme Heavy Duty

Airports and Ports

XHD’s galvanized steel rails provide concrete bearing width that is the widest in the industry. Also, XHD systems do not create additional failure liability between the rail and concrete by introducing a dissimilar material such as HDPE or fiberglass, that have low compressive strength, creep, or thermal expansion properties. In addition, XHD systems utilize removable pins for grate retention, thus eliminating the tensile stress created by constrained thermal expansion in rigid four bolt systems.


TrenchFormer XHD

XHD 8″, 12″, 18″ advanced grate design is not only attractive, but it also provides strength and performance.  XHD grates provide the largest inflow area available in cast grates for 8″,12″,18″ trenches, while still far exceeding all FAA load ratings.

XHD’s patented system utilizes two removable stainless steel pins plus two fixed pins for every two grates providing both longitudinal and vertical grate retention.  An average of only one pin must be removed per grate for easy construction and trench maintenance. Additionally, this system eliminates concrete cracking from constrained thermal expansion and contraction that is often found in rigid four-bolt systems.

XHD does not utilize dissimilar materials (plastic, fiberglass, etc.) between the rails and concrete thus avoiding the potential for failure due to thermal expansion and contraction.

The system can be configured for the applications special flow and depth requirements.  A large range of trench depths, slopes and configurations provides the Engineer with greater flexibility for challenging projects.  Additionally, the system is pre-engineered and factory fabricated reducing the potential for construction errors in the field.

    XHD System Drawings-Details-Specifications

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XHD 8″
XHD 12″
XHD 18″