ABT designs and manufactures some of the most extensive, reliable, and versatile lines of channel
drains, grates, and water management solutions in the industry.

Low Impact Development

  • Permavoid

    Innovative Sustainable Drainage Solutions

    Modular units with a 95% void ratio and ultra-shallow profile form a monolithic stormwater control structure that reduces the impact of urban development. Our designs cultivate the natural movement of water within the local ecosystem and watershed. The high-strength polypropylene raft is also ideal for subbase, deep conveyance pipe, and water detention replacement. Eliminating the costs associated with deep excavations, backfill materials, and potential subgrade conflicts; including bedrock, contaminated ground, buried utilities, and high water tables.

    Permavoid is a multi-functional stormwater management system engineered to create functional and appealing site drainage which treats stormwater as a resource, rather than a waste product.

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