PolyDrain Shallow

PolyDrain Shallow

Formerly known as Piccolo Channels

PolyDrain Shallow Channels offer a practical and economical drainage solution where slab depth restrictions dictate the necessity of a shallow channel.  Shallow channels feature our exclusive “Red Dot” locking blocks and can accept any standard PolyDrain grate.  Special support legs attach to channel sides and speed installation.  Solid end plates and vertical outlet connectors are also available.


Important Issues

NFPA requires nonflammable trench drains


Selecting a fire resistant trench drain system should be common practice for any interior application.  Trench Drains are often the collection points for flammable fluids and heavier-than-air vapors.  As a result, trenches even when empty, can act as a pathway for flame spread.  For more info, see our Flame and Smoke page.

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